• Global Economics,

    Local Effects

    The impact global industry changes have on local economies

  • SME Minnesota Conference

    April 11 - 13, 2016 | Duluth, MN

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  • Funding Approved for Dislocated Workers

  • Closing Plenary
    Eagle Mine

    First year in operation, a

    report on modern mining.

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    Congressman Nolan

    Global Economics, Local Effects

#1 Regional Minerals Conference in the Midwest

April 11 - 13, 2016 | Duluth, MN

The 89th Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Section of SME is the top performing regional minerals conference in the Midwest featuring a wide range of session topics addressing pressing industry issues, emerging industry trends and latest industry technology developments. The conference is hosted annually in Duluth, Minnesota and has a long history of being one of the top performing regional conferences in the iron ore industry.

About the SME Minnesota Conference

Global Economics, Local Effects

In today's our industry is affected by changes from across town and from across the world; now it is more important than ever to monitor these changes and to know how it will affect you and your business. Mining in Minnesota is driven by consumer demand for raw materials, and the regulatory framework in which these resources can be extracted and produced for the global market. Resiliency in the marketplace requires attentive monitoring and understanding of global economics and their effects locally. This includes management of operations to increase or decrease production as needed, maintaining operational efficiency, meeting existing permits for ongoing regulatory compliance, and advancing human skill sets in a technologically advanced world. The SME Minnesota Section annual conference is an opportunity to learn more on the current economic trends in our mining region, changes in process technologies, current and future regulatory compliance standards, mining education in the 21st century and professional networking with mining operators, managers, industry services, suppliers and vendors.


Your understanding of what is happening in the industry


With attendees and exhibitors on how to address the top threats to your company


Solutions that you can implement today to help your thrive tomorrow

Technical Sessions

From the SME Store

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Mine Health and Safety Management

Mine Health and Safety Management presents aspects of management, leadership, regulation, and compliance that pertain to mining health and safety. It focuses on instilling a safety culture and fostering the ability to recognize and manage health and safety responsibilities and requirements.

Fundamentals of Aqueous Metallurgy

Water-based techniques are widely used in minerals processing to separate valuable minerals and ore from less desirable materials. This comprehensive technical reference provides an overview of aqueous metallurgy and its applications in mineral processing operations.

Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy

Here is the information you need to face the ever-increasing technological, economic, environmental, and geopolitical challenges of this industry and ensure long-term productivity and growth for your organization. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy: 100 Years of Innovation presents more than a century of innovation drivers that have advanced the mineral processing industry.

Mine Rescue Manual

Be Prepared Before You Have a Mine Accident! Let's hope you never face a mine disaster. But if you do, you need expert help at your fingertips, and you need it NOW! Keep this book close at hand, just in case. Buy extra copies for your key management and safety staff, and make sure they read it before you need it.

Mining Valuation Handbook: Mining Energy Valuation

Equity markets have experienced turbulent times in recent years, particularly in resource valuations and commodity prices. In this international bestseller, Victor Rudenno once again provides comprehensive, current information on mining and unravels some of the mystery surrounding the resources industry.

What Our Attendees Say

Be a Part of the 2016 SME Minnesota Conference

Attending the SME Minnesota Conference is not only the perfect opportunity to boost your professional growth, but is the perfect conference to meet new like minded individuals, explore new technologies and innovations on the show floor, and to gain first-hand experience on a guided field trip.

Take this opportunity to become part of a growing network of regional professionals and attende the SME Minnesota Conference in April 2016.

Exhibiting at the SME Minnesota Conference opens a world of opportunity. With a regionally focused and iron/ore industry specific group of attendees, exhibitors will find that the professionals they are meeting are highly focused, highly motivated and seeking opportunities specific to their needs. The conference floor features 200 exhibit spaces, the perfect size to allow for a more intimate conference experience. Don't delay, reserve your exhibit space today!

Looking for a way to promote your company and showcase your committement to the industry? Sponsoring at the SME Minnesota Conference can help to expand your onsite marketing opportunities and to help you generate qualified leads. With many different sponsorship opportunities available, your organization can choose a level of exposure that fits your marketing needs. Take a look at our available sponsorship opportunities and get involved today.

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