Travel Duluth

Arrival and Travel to Duluth, Minnesota.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) serves more than 33 million passengers and accommodates 431,328 landings and takeoffs making it 16th in North America for the number of travelers served. For up-to-the-minute departure and arrival information, airport maps and details on shopping, dining, cultural exhibitions, ground transportation and more, visit or follow us on and

On-Airport Car Rentals

  • Terminal 1-Lindbergh: On-airport rental car counters at Terminal 1-Lindbergh are located on the second and third levels between the Blue and Red parking ramps. Passengers can take the underground tram to the Blue and Red parking ramps and then take an elevator to the second or third floor.
  • Terminal 2-Humphrey: At Terminal 2-Humphrey, on-airport rental car counters are located in the Ground Transport Center on the ground level of the Purple parking ramp directly across from the terminal building.

Available car rental companies include:

  • Advantage - 1.800.777.5500
  • Alamo - 1.800.327.9633
  • Avis - 1.800.831.2847
  • Budget - 1.800.527.0700
  • Dollar - 1.800.800.4000
  • Enterprise - 1.800.325.8007
  • Hertze - 1.800.654.3131
  • National - 1.800.227.7368
  • Thrifty - 1.800.847.4389

Skyline Shuttle

Since 2007 we have been providing affordable and convenient daily shuttle service between Duluth and the Minneapolis Airport.

Super Shuttle terminal access:

  • Terminal 1-Lindbergh: Drop off is on the ticketing level and pick up is at the ground transportation area. To get to the ground transportation area, take the escalator down from the baggage claim area and walk straight forward until you approach the traveler assistant desk. Turn right and follow the signs to Ground Transportation, Vans and Hotel Shuttles. You will go down a short hallway and reach another escalator that you can take up to the ground transportation area. Look for the Skyline Shuttle desk in this area. The desk may or may not be staffed when you arrive, however our driver will arrive near the departure time and will look for each reserved passenger before departing. If you have difficulty locating our desk, a traveler assistant can provide assistance.
  • Terminal 2-Humphrey: Drop off is at the ticketing side and pick up is across the street from ticketing in the ground transport area.

If you have questions or you prefer to make your reservation via telephone, please call 218-724-4676 if you are in Duluth or 888-354-2677 outside of Duluth. Business hours are 6:30am-11:45pm Central Time every day of the week. Visit Skyline Shuttle Services online at for drop off locations, pick up locations and rates. Roundtrip fare from Minneapolis International Airport to Duluth is $69.

Taxi Service

Taxi service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with terminal access is as follows:

  • Terminal 1-Lindbergh: Taxi service at Terminal 1-Lindbergh is accessible via the Tram Level (Level T). Signs direct passengers one level up to the taxi starter booth, where airport staff will assist passengers in obtaining a taxi.
  • Terminal 2-Humphrey: At Terminal 2-Humphrey, taxi service is available at the Ground Transport Center, located on the ground level of the Purple parking ramp directly across from the terminal building.
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