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Sponsorships are an effective way to create a connection or affiliation with the SME Minnesota Conference. Viewers and readers will see your logo when they are searching for topics related to the event. When you sponsor the SME Minnesota Conference, attendees will see your name and think of your organization as progressive innovators.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The 2019 SME Minnesota Conference has a variety of sponsorship opportunities available for your organization. Each sponsorship opportunity offers varying levels of conference promotions.

For more information about available 2019 SME MN Conference Sponsorship Opportunities, please visit Sponsorship Opportunities.

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Organizations interested in taking advantage of the 2019 SME MN Conference sponsorship opportunities are encouraged to contact SME Sponsorships as soon as possible. Sponsorships are limited and subject to availability.

For more information and to secure your SME Minnesota Conference Sponsorship

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SME Sponsorships
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